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        ( )6.—The sea is very rough today.

        —Yes, I‘ve never seen _______ before.

        A. such rough sea B. such a rough sea

        C. so rough sea D. that rough sea

        ( )7.—She‘s broken her arm again.

        —Again? I ______ she _______ ever broken it before.

        A. don‘t know; has B. didn’t know; had

        C. didn‘t know; has D. hadn’t know; would

        ( )8.—Has the wallet been returned yet?

        —No, but we expect ______ any day now.

        A. to return it B. it to return C. it to be returned D. it returned

        ( )9.—I‘ve been told to pay the rent.

        —But it‘s already been paid. It ______ by someone else.

        A. must be B. may be

        C. must be paid D. must have been paid

        ( )10. Montreal is larger than _______ in Canada.

        A. any city B. any cities C. any other cities D. any other city

        ( )11. Human‘s brains are larger in proportion to their bodies than _______.

        A. whales B. a whale C. that of whales D. those of whales

        ( )12. Before writing your article, ______, collect your material, and prepare an outline.

        A. a topic should be selected B. a topic to be selected

        C. your topic should be selected D. select a topic

        ( )13.—I usually travel by train.

        —Why not ________ by plane for a change?

        A. to try going B. trying to go C. to try and go D. try going

        ( )14. The boy lay in the street, his eyes _______ and his hands ______.

        A. closing; trembling B. closed; trembled

        C. closing; trembled D. closed; trembling

        ( )15. He _______ here for 20 years by the end of next month.

        A. had worked B. has worked C. will have worked D. will work

        ( )16. I‘ll do _______ the doctor advised.

        A. as B. like C. that D. all what

        ( )17.—Did we have to wait for Tom?

        —Well, _______ very angry if we hadn‘t waited for him.

        A. he‘d have been B. he were C. he had been D. he must be

        ( )18. Why do you insist on ________?

        A. this to be done B. this done

        C. this being done D. this is done

        ( )19. We looked everywhere for the ________.

        A. missing watch B. missed watch

        C. watch being missed D. watch that lost

        ( )20. ______, the runners crossed the finish line.

        A. Tiring B. Tired C. To be tired D. They are tired

        ( )21. _______ by the air, the kite went up into the sky.

        A. Pushing B. Pushed C. Having been pushed D. Having pushed

        ( )22.—The round bowl over there is a bit small, isn‘t it?

        — _______.

        A. So are the fish B. So the fish are

        C. Neither the fish D. Neither are the fish

        ( )23. She couldn‘t take shorthand, _______ slowed down the work of the office.

        A. that B. which C. it D. so

        ( )24. Was it last Friday ________ you met him?

        A. that B. on which C. which D. when

        ( )25. _______ might fail in the exam worried him.

        A. He B. That he C. What D. It

        ( )26.—I‘v got this really painful ear.

        —How long _______ you?

        A. does it bother B. was it bothering

        C. would it bother D. has it been bothering

        ( )27.—I started to study, but then a friend called.

        —That‘s no excuse ________.

        A. for not studying B. not for studying C. not studying D. not to studying

        ( )28.—Why was he so hot when he got home?

        —He ________.

        A. was running B. is running C. has been running D. had been running

        ( )29.—There‘s been an earthquake.

        —I know. At least a hundred people ________.

        A. were to be killed B. are said to have been killed

        C. said to have been killed D. are said to kill

        ( )30. You may invite _______ wants to go.

        A. whomever B. whoever C. which one D. people


        6.B 7.B 8.C 9.D 10.D

        11.D 12.D 13.D 14.D 15.C

        16.A 17.A 18.C 19.A 20.B

        21.B 22.A 23.B 24.A 25.B

        26.D 27.A 28.D 29.B 30.B





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